Post office reactions

Jill Kaganson, Green Point,

Your column “Post Office fails to deliver, again” 

I am also mad as hell with the Post Office, and wish it would just be put out of its misery.

Last Christmas was my worst ever.

Usually, a couple of my Christmas cards arrive overseas, and I get only a few of the 10 sent to me.

Last year, 2019, the PO excelled itself.

Not one of my eight cards arrived in the USA or UK. And nor did I receive a single one sent to me.

And they have still not been received.

Usually, local (posted within Cape Town) arrives.

Anything that has to go through Joburg though, forget about it.

I don’t complain anymore, it falls on deaf ears.

This law seeking to prohibit Postnet from handling post under 1kg is ridiculous.

This protectionism towards the PO is a scandal.

The PO can’t do the job, so let someone who can, do it.

Why should we be denied a meaningful postal service.

One is basic to any democracy.

Tracy Kahn, Melkbos

Please note they are not always bad.

My son lives in a remote part of Scotland… 75 miles from the nearest airport, Edinburgh.

I posted a parcel at Melkbosstrand Post Office on a Friday afternoon.

It was delivered to him on the following Tuesday morning.

Not to be sneezed at.