Prioritise parking

That Blok, the sponsor of the parklet, was approved to take three parking spaces in the busiest street in the Atlantic suburbs is proof that the council is always pandering to developers – for whatever reason. If council actually wants to “get people out into the street” then the triangular space at the junction of Main, Regent and Kloof roads would be perfect without taking valuable and much needed parking spaces.

All I’ve ever seen at “You are here” are a few people who sit down and do things on their cellphones or it’s empty. It’s shameful and hey, we all got out there before Blok moved in.

Cape Town city council is messing up this city in many ways and this is just one example.

Traffic is so horrific now and Brett Herron thinks MyCiti buses which are mostly empty, are the answer.

Then he approves the giving away of three parking spaces.

Change it back. We don’t want it.