Protect heritage buildings

Denise Bailey,Sea Point

I recently became aware that a permit is required if any work is to be done on a building over 60 years old.

Unfortunately, many buildings have been damaged and as in the case of Tafelberg (the old Ellerslie Girls’ High School), have had teak gates and shutters removed and these have not been restored and returned to the school.

One can only presume this was because a permit was not completed and forwarded to Heritage Western Cape.

The sad result of this is that as soon as any original piece of material is removed, the formerly pristine building stands in danger of being downgraded.

For those who are custodians of old buildings (schools and places of worship included), please make sure that before the contractor starts work, you have completed this very necessary permit, thereby protecting the value and grading of the property concerned. Google Heritage Western Cape (Document 34) and you will find the information you require.