Pupils roll up their sleeves at aftercare

St Cyprians pupils Chloe Cross, Stephanie Burton and Olivia Samassa spent their school holidays upgrading the aftercare centre at St Pauls Primary in Bo-Kaap.

While most pupils were enjoying their time off, three St Cyprian’s pupils spent their school holidays revamping the aftercare centre at St Paul’s Primary School in Bo-Kaap.

Grade 6 pupils Chloë Cross, Stephanie Burton and Olivia Samassa, who took on the revamp as part of a school project, started on Monday July 3 and spent two weeks working at the facility.

“The walls were breaking down, carpets were dirty and the paint wasn’t new,” said Chloë. “We go to such a privileged school and these children should also have what we have.”

Olivia added: “They were also crammed into these rooms with nothing to do; the puzzles were missing pieces.”

Her mom, Tanya Samassa, said one of the components of the project was 20 hours of community service. “(But) they’ve gone way over the number of hours, probably close to double,” said Ms Samassa. “We asked the principal where they would need help and she suggested they contact the aftercare.” She also thanked the sponsors who donated equipment or money to make the project possible.

The trio were praised by the school principal Yeye Mgudlwa for their work. The newly upgraded aftercare centre opened at the school on Monday July 24.

“Unfortunately we didn’t have means to make a difference in this room, but the St Cyprian’s family have decided to make a big difference,” said Ms Mgudlwa.

“I’m proud of those three girls, and when I’m looking at them I see the future leaders. To think about making this kind of a difference at that age, I see them as girls who are going to go far. When I see them, I see future ministers, presidents of this country.”

Ms Mgudlwa said there was a parents meeting planned at the school this weekend and “I am sure they are going to be excited”.