Ratepayers flag traffic congestion as concern about development plan

There are plans to build a hotel and a hub for businesses on this vacant lot.

The Green Point Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association (GPRRA) are concerned that the proposed development of Erfs 2188 and 2189, on corner of Fritz Sonnenberg and York Road, could cause an increase in traffic congestion.

The proposed mixed-use development will include a hotel and business spaces on what is now a vacant, fenced space.

Stuart Burnett, chairman of the GPRRA’s Built Environment Committee, said a Traffic Impact Assessment dated April 2023 addressed the impact of the Formula E event at length but, “all other events seem to have been virtually ignored”.

“There are events at the stadium and/or in and around the Green Point Common most weekends between September and April. These events are already putting strain on traffic in the area. In particular in Mouille Point and the narrow to very narrow streets between Main Rd and High Level Rd, Green Point.”

The proposed development will significantly increase traffic congestion, particularly during events, said Mr Burnett.

“Traffic and parking during these events already give rise to long traffic jams in Green Point and Mouille Point. The additional traffic arising from this proposed development will exacerbate already identified areas of traffic congestion,” he said.

Traffic counts were conducted on March 16 from 6.30am to 9am and 4pm to 6.30pm peak periods, according to the report by Innovative Transport Solutions.

“Being able to avoid peak hour traffic conflict by using alternative modes of transport such as walking may be a drawcard to live here for a year or three while living and working in a five-minute precinct (everything in easy proximity),” the report says.

According to an Integrated Development Solutions motivation report, the selected tenderer on Erf 2189, The Granger (Pty) Ltd (previously registered as Devmark Commercial (Pty) Ltd), is employing a relatively new residential idea.

“The units are smaller than average 1 or 2-bedroom apartments that complies with the definition of a boarding house. The promotional point is to establish a community of younger working-class residents with access to the many attributes of the stadium and urban park and to various residential club facilities and amenities such as internet and communal lounges,” the report says.

Deputy mayor and mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment, Eddie Andrews said they cannot comment on the questions posed by the Atlantic Sun until the objection period is concluded.

“Until such time, residents and interested parties have the opportunity to submit comments. This statutory process has not been concluded as yet.”

The closing date for comments on the development plan is January 22 next year. The application can be inspected during office hours at the relevant district office. Email Tablebay.hub@capetown.gov.za to book an appointment. Any objection, comment or representation about the proposal must be submitted on the prescribed form to comments_objections.tablebay@capetown.gov.za