Remote-jamming thief caught on camera

CCTV footage shows the criminal inside Seaways Apartment block premises.

Mouille Point resident Peter Wagenaar believes he was the victim of remote jamming after items were taken from his vehicle parked in the Seaways Apartment block in the early hours of last Sunday morning.

Sea Point police spokesperson, Captain Elizabeth Munro, confirmed that a case was opened with them and is still under investigation. No arrests have been made.

“He must have used remote jammers or blockers to stop the locking on a BMW and a Mini parked within the apartment block premises.

“Camera footage shows him looking up toward the camera and then going to the Mini and climbing in our vehicle,” said Mr Wagenaar.

The suspect then allegedly rummaged through the vehicle in which there was some paperwork for auditors and a few items for a charity. He took an iPhone 7 and a debit card which were also in the car.

Mr Wagenaar said the man also brought some items from the BMW that he must have put in his backpack and emptied them inside the Mini.

“Unaware of all of this I received a text warning message from my bank at about 7am which alerted me to the fact that ‘an incorrect PIN number’ was entered into on one of my debit cards. And within minutes while I was working on my Mac I got a notification on my Mac and on my iPhone to say that a new cellphone number was trying to be added to my Apple ID/ iCloud account.

“I immediately took a screenshot of that number and blocked the attempt,” he said.

Mr Wagenaar said he called his bank to stop the card and also to put a freeze on his internet banking and reported the matter to the police.

Using the cellphone number the suspect used to try to access the Apple account, Mr Wagenaar managed to get the name of the person the mobile number was registered to.

“I want to alert residents in the area that even if their vehicles are parked within the complex and locked there is this smart criminal that gets into the complexes and puts a jam on the locking of their vehicles and they must not leave any items of value in their vehicles,” he said.

Captain Munro said the police have received the video footage but it is not very clear.