Residents warned of gardener scam

Atlantic Seaboard residents are being warned of a gardening scam in the area.

According to Camps Bay Community Safety Initiative (CBCSI), the masked scammer identifies himself as Alex.

He tells residents he is the gardener from next door and needs to check that the branches he is cutting won’t damage anything if they fall in your yard.

After being given access to someone’s property, he steals any small items he finds lying around.

Residents are urged to immediately let WatchCom know by using Buzzer or calling 021 438 2000 if they are approached with this scam.

Camps Bay Police station commander, Captain Keith Chandler, said he has heard about the scam and at the time, the man was in the Sea Point area. He said they haven’t had any cases reported or arrested anyone about this in Camps Bay.

BLOB In Green Point, two men were handed to police after they were caught trying to get access to a resident’s home.

The WatchTower Group CCTV System alerted operators to two suspects who had climbed over a gate of a resident’s property.

Operators immediately dispatched Avenue Response Team while monitoring the suspects’ movements within the parking area of the residential block.

Within three minutes, armed response officers were on the scene.

This led to the suspects trying to run and hide within the property. Operators directed the officers to the hiding spot and they were arrested and handed over to the SAPS.