Residents warned of rapid Covid-19 outbreaks in Sea Point and Green Point

The health department is warning of Covid-19 outbreaks in Sea Point and Green Point.

The Western Cape health department has once again warned about the rapid outbreaks of Covid-19 in some parts of its Western Sub-district, including Sea Point and Green Point.

Health spokesperson, Natalie Watlington, said the Western Sub-district has experienced a 46% increase of recorded new Covid-19 infections this past week. She said these active cases in the sub-district are now close to the Covid-19 numbers encountered during the first wave.

The sub-district also recorded 10 deaths in the past week.

She said the contact tracing team members have reported that more than 80% of the positive cases followed up in the southern and western substructure are unsure of how the virus was contracted.

Of the remaining cases, the top three sources of infection were at home or from a family member, social gatherings or from a friend and the workplace.

“We continue to appeal to all citizens in these areas to do their part so that we can bring the situation under control again.”

She said every single resident should assume that Covid-19 is everywhere they go and take all the necessary precautions at every point along their journey.

Residents are urged to continue wearing masks properly as this is of life-saving importance.

She added that crowded and confined spaces must be avoided at all costs as this is where super-spreader events take place.

Residents can visit the Green Point CDC from 10am to noon from Monday to Friday for testing.

Ward councillor Nicola Jowell stated: “There are high increases in Covid-19 cases in the Sea Point area. Please take all personal precautions that you can. I am aware of the complaints regarding people not wearing masks in public places and this has been forward to SAPS but we all need to pull together and protect others by protecting ourselves.”