Response inadequate

Gerd Behrens, Camps Bay

Whenever someone calls himself “democratic”, caution is advisable. The DRC, for instance, isn’t very democratic. And the DA? Brett Herron, the City’s transport czar, doesn’t deign to respond to many points made in Mr Jackson’s letter about increased parking tariffs in Sea Point.

Mr Herron doesn’t seem to understand that he is the employee of the voters, not their boss. His job is to represent the voters, not to re-educate them. His terminology — “travel demand management strategy” – sounds positively Orwellian.

Cape Town City Council might be more efficient than the national government but it is just as contemptuous of the voter. The DA is the ANC without the potholes.

These letters were sent to the City of Cape Town for responses, on Thursday August 10, but by the time this edition went to print, they had not yet responded.