Resurfacing a bad idea

Shane Alberts, Sea Point

Who’s bright idea was it to authorise road resurfacing on Beach Road near the Sea Point Pavilion at this time of the year when there is already an increase in holiday traffic? Also, because of the hot weather, people are flocking to one of the few public swimming pools still open.

The traffic jams are a nightmare. There is hugely reduced parking, with most of the street parking around the swimming pool area cordoned off for road work equipment.

The subsequent strain on Regent Road is cause for major concern.

The mini-bus taxi drivers’ blatant disregard for the rules of the road already make this stretch of a road a nightmare – now it is even worse.

Surely this could have waited until after the peak holiday season?

Suzette Little, mayoral committee member for area north, responds:

The City takes many factors into consideration when determining the timing of projects of this nature. These include the City’s Supply Chain Management process as well as the seasonal nature of this type of work. The project commenced on October 11, after which the contractor had approximately five weeks to obtain all of the necessary and compulsory occupational health and safety work permits, as well as other permits, before proceeding with the construction. Construction work commenced on November 14. Minor works such as cable duct crossings and kerb repairs were first on the construction programme.

The contractor will proceed with the resurfacing of the road once this activity is completed.

No work will be carried out from December 15 to January 10 next year.

It must be noted that work of this nature is generally only undertaken once in 12 to 15 years per section of roadway, provided the City is adequately resourced.

The City makes every effort to minimise the impact of the works on road users and residents in the vicinity.