Rotary club honours Sea Point officers

Sea Point-based officers Denvano Apollis, Rhaeez Groenmeyer and Inspector Maxwell van Wyk who were awarded Top Cop awards last week.

Sea Point top law enforcement officers were recognised for their efforts to protect the community at this year’s Sea Point Rotary Club Top Cop awards.

The event, held on Wednesday October 16 at the Protea Victoria Junction Hotel in Green Point, aimed to acknowledge and celebrate the work done usually by the South African Police Service to protect residents.

This year, the Rotary Club focused on law enforcement officers.

Derek Salter, chairman of Atlantic Seaboard Neighbourhood Watch, was awarded a top cop award for his dedication and efforts in combating crime in the community.

Mr Salter said the award came as a surprise. “My belief is, we all live in the community and each and everyone can contribute to make the community better,” he said.

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Guest speaker, ambassador of MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet and conservationist, Braam Malherbe, encouraged the officers, saying top cops don’t just become top cops while sitting and doing nothing.

He told the officers they had been selected for a reason and commended them for their courage. “Nothing can be done without hope and courage. The day we give up hope for this country, will be the time for us to roll over and die,” he said.

Mr Malherbe encouraged the cops to continue to make a difference and, quoting from Mahatma Gandhi, told them to be the change they wanted to see in the world.

Heather Tager, chairperson of the Sea Point Police Community Police Forum, Tager, thanked the officers for the contribution they make in the Green and Sea Point areas. She also thanked the Rotary Club to change for honouring law enforcement officers this year. “The true heroes of today’s society are those who give unconditionally and are truly committed, “ she said.

Ms Tager said she’s worked with all the officers who were awarded and believed they deserved the recognition.

Sea Point Rotary Club president, Farhat Danyal, said they’ve been involved in the Top Cops project for many years. “I think we need to work together with our past councillors and the business community to make the Atlantic Seaboard a much safer place to live in,” she said.