Salesians speak at virtual conference

The Salesian institute in Green Point.

Salesian Institute Youth Projects’ Learn to Live School of Skills was one of only seven schools in the country invited to speak at the T4 World Education Week virtual conference under way until Friday October 9.

The T4 World Education Week is a global initiative by 30 civil society organisations led by educators. The aim is to share and learn together to promote a higher and more equitable standard of education across the globe. This collective of 100 schools is meeting in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal on quality education.

The Green Point school employs the contemporary teaching methodology of project-based learning.

With the theme for the event being “Learning Today”, the Learn to Live School of Skills will see their very own Professor Tom Ryan sharing his expertise on project-based learning, while other themes throughout the week covers topics such as enhancing employability and life skills.

Professor Ryan said the days of the uninspired classroom environment are gone.

“Our role as educators is to prepare our young people for the working world, to do this effectively in this day and age requires finding interactive and engaging ways to teach, promote creativity and innovation, and build up the personal growth and self-esteem of learners.”

He said they have learnt that in an ever-changing world we must constantly be adjusting strategies to suit generations in transformation. “Being a trailblazer in this field in South Africa puts us in good stead to be a catalyst for positive change in driving a future-ready generation that ultimately produces economically active citizens.

Education goes far beyond just getting a job. In the words of Tata Madiba, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’,” he said.

You can register for the Learn to Live School of Skills presentation on Friday 9 October at 10am (GMT)/11am (SAST) on Eventbrite. For more information on Salesian Institute Youth Projects and their initiatives call 021 425 1450, email or visit