School in need of your help

Good Hope Seminary High School reopened last month after closing for three months during lockdown.

Good Hope Seminary High School in Gardens is in need of assistance to run the school amid the global Covid-19 pandemic.

They are appealing for financial help to manage the school during the pandemic.

The school reopened last month after closing for three months during lockdown. Challenges include maintaining physical distancing within small class groups and the constant cleaning required.

“We are doing far more than the prescribed protocols in order to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible. Needless to say this comes at a cost and you can imagine what an impact this crisis has had on the incomes of many of our families,” said principal Leon Linz. “Our hope is that there are 1 000 alumnae, former educators, family and friends of Good Hope who would be willing to contribute R100 a month for the next six months to help us through the year. Even a once-off contribution of whatever you see fit, would be much appreciated,” he said.

The school said their Grade 12 class of 2020 had shown a resilient spirit.

They said while wearing masks for the whole day was also challenging at first, it was the physical distancing that took most getting used to.

“But adjust and adapt they did, living up to the school motto of courage and perseverance,” said Mr Linz. “Through your goodness, together we can keep the hope alive, taking a bold step into the new.”

Call the school on 021 465 2364 /30 for more details.