School installs solar panels

Camps Bay High School installed 80 glass bi-facial panels.

Camps Bay High School’s new solar power system went operational on Saturday February 1.

Principal Dave de Korte said a few years back the school started getting proposals from various companies to rent space on their roof for solar panels.

“Under the expert guidance of our then chair of the SGB, Colin Harvey and treasurer, Brian Williams, we decided it would be best to put the project out to tender,” he said.

Mr Williams said after a vigorous tender process, a company was appointed to the job.

“This represents a R375 000 investment but in the short term, we will be saving about R10 000 per month on electricity costs and in the long term we hope that the solar system can completely supply Camps Bay High School with all its electricity needs and even “sell back” excess electricity to the grid, if legislation allows,” he said.

Mr De Korte said they have been very impressed by the professionalism of the company, who under the expert supervision of Mr Harvey, were clearly the right company for the job.

The installation of the 80 glass bi-facial panels has taken about two weeks to install and has not interrupted any of the school’s normal operations.

“These glass bi-facial panels are the most current-technically advanced solar panels available, and will provide about 30KW of power.

“We hope to also use solar power to heat our pool so that it can be better utilised in the winter months,” he said.