School is an eyesore

Markus Elkana Brajtman, Sea Point

(The old Tafelberg school is an) eyesore in the middle of upmarket Sea Point, and a disgrace to Sea Point, where so much money has been spent on new buildings, running into multi billions of rands.

The boundary wall is falling apart. The grounds are a small forest.

Sea Point residents are very proud of their suburb.

Sea Point is in dire needs of more schools. Many young parents with children, have moved into the beautiful new apartment buildings.

New and beautiful shopping centres have been built, and the old Adelphi shopping centre is being upgraded at a cost of many millions of rands.

Woolworths shopping centre, although relatively new, is undergoing tremendous upgrading at a considerable cost.

One only has to drive in Sea Point, Main Road, Regent Road, Beach Road, High level Road to appreciate the huge investments.

Some time ago, the grounds were sold to Phillis Jowell Jewish day school, but nothing has happened as the City now wants to build low cost housing to accommodate the workers living in the area.

While everyone is sympathetic for those maids and gardeners, the City must look at better ways of accommodating those workers, than to build low cost housing in an upmarket suburb like Sea Point.

Why has the City not utilised Culemborg which is huge and close to the city and Sea Point, making transport easy, and not expensive?

In the meantime the provincial administration is losing many millions of rands in rates. If nothing can be decided now, then at least, tear down those ugly boundary walls, and clean up the grounds.