Sea Point pool reopens

Sea Point Pavilion pool reopened on Thursday October 1.

As the weather gets warmer and the lockdown restrictions have been eased, the Sea Point Pavilion pool is ready to welcome swimming enthusiasts back.

The pool was reopened on Thursday October 1 following over six months of closure.

Covid-19 protocols are in place and the numbers will be limited to be in line with the National Regulations for level 1, which advise no more than 500 people at an outdoor event.

Until Saturday October 10, between 8am and 3.45pm, the pools will be used for coaching and training. From Sunday October 11 to Saturday October 31, the pools will be opened to the public which will follow a peak season starting on Sunday November 1.

Ward 54 councillor, Nicola Jowell said although the pool could have been opened sooner it was delayed due to the annual maintenance and additional work that needed to be done which could not be completed during the national lockdown.

The City and the Friends of the Sea Point Pavilion have been working together to ensure that the pools are in a good condition when they reopen.

The Friends of the Sea Point Pavilion is a voluntary association that was formed by a group of regular swimmers and Atlantic Seaboard residents, whose aim is to enhance the facilities of the pool and to promote and develop swimming among all the people of Cape Town.

“Our thanks to the Friends of the Sea Point Pavilion for working with us, spending a hard and long day cleaning the facility and also their assistance with personal protective equipment (PPE). Thank you for the partnership,” said Ms Jowell.

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