Sea Point street vibes

The Sea Point Street Festival was a lot of fun for those who braved the cold.

The Stone Ngadu band entertained the people on the streets.

People were strolling, rollerskating, skateboarding, and walking their dogs on Regent Road, which had been blocked off to motor vehicles, enjoying the festivities on June 16.

Ashlin Grobbelaar takes a picture of Faith Murray, Claire Rabie, Juvinia Sekoe and George Moloto. They came from Kimberley and Bloemfontein to enjoy this festival.
From left to right, Harley, Gareth Chilton and his wife Melissa with Zola.
Guylene Aurat, Joelle Muaka, Joviale Muaka the artist and Nokwanda Nzimela strike a pose.
Kevin Stein from Green Point cruised the streets on his skateboard.
Luca Pantani from Noordhoek also enjoyed skateboarding in the street.
Prince Chidziva from the local boxing gym put Claudia Cone from Sea Point, through a padwork exhibition.
Prince Chidziva shows 11-year old Noah the basics of boxing.
The Isa Mother City Rollers made the most of the street space as they danced and skated in Regent Road.
Sunny Matharu from Nairobi, Kenya, was enjoying the cool weather.
The Scheepers from Sea Point, Andrea and Spencer, strike a pose.
Zayn and Zaida Correa from Sea Point strolling in a street they usually drive in.