Seaboard shows appreciation

Atlantic Seaboard residents have shown appreciation to their essential workers throughout the lockdown.

Atlantic Seaboard residents have been showing essential workers such as cashiers, security officers, nurses and doctors some love and appreciation for their dedication and putting their lives at risk to help others during the lockdown.

It has become a routine every evening for residents from Sea Point to Mouille Point and Green Point to all come out of their homes, stand in their balconies and thank the essential workers through loud cheers, singing and clapping for the work they are doing during the pandemic.

Sea Point resident, Jacques Fourie, said this was a moving trend. 

“Thousands of residents on their balconies and car parks clap and cheer, even the birdlife joins in each night.”

Another resident said: “Things like this warms your heart. The whole of Sea Point coming together and clapping for the workers who provide essential services. We’re thanking the people who sometimes feel unappreciated.”

A petrol attendant in Mouille Point, Edward Moyo, said he’s proud to be an essential worker during this time.

“The cheers from residents affirm us, we feel seen and appreciated. Their appreciation makes our work all worthwhile,” he said.

Sharing his sentiments, cashier Amanda Lalaze said when the lockdown was announced, she was worried about her health. “I was worried because we deal with hundreds of customers a day. But we’re safe at work and when the cheering continued, I realised that my job is one of the most important jobs in the world. We’re needed and we’ll serve the country,” she said.

Sea Point station commander, Lieutenant Colonel Helena Mouton, said the clapping and cheering by residents at night to show appreciation and support to the essential service workers brings hope that the country is going to win the war against the pandemic.

The Sea Point Central Improvement District said it was important to show appreciation and support to all essential workers who are risking their lives daily. “These heroes are risking their personal health and the health of the people they love, for you.”

Today, April 16, would have been the last day of the national lockdown, which started on Friday March 27 but has been extended for two more weeks.

President Cyril Ramaphosa said since he announced the lockdown, the global coronavirus pandemic had worsened. He said there is sufficient evidence to show that the lockdown is working to curb the spread of the deadly virus.