Search for Adam Cornelius

According to Anton Oliver, this is Adam Cornelius’ ID photo, taken in 2012 when he worked in the Tamboerskloof area.

A Northern Cape family are trying to find their son and brother who they last saw decades ago.

Adam Cornelius Willemse left his Upington home in 1992 and is believed to be working in and around the Atlantic Seaboard.

His sister, Sarina Jansen, 68, says she last saw him in 1994 in Kimberley, and their mother, Ragel Willemse, last saw him in 1992.

She says he was a soldier in the army and then a security guard before leaving the Northern Cape in 1996, and he lived a few years in Kimberley with his partner and their three children before heading to Cape Town.

“We know he is in Cape Town because his partner in Kimberley got a phone call from lawyers in 1997 to say that he (Adam) was in an accident, that’s the last I have heard about him ,” said Ms Jansen.

“We were in Cape Town last year (December) and looked for him wherever we went but nothing. People say they saw him in Bellville as well as in the Sea Point area but I don’t know what to believe. We believe he has only one leg but we don’t know how true that is.”

Ms Jansen says their mother is 97 years old and is constantly talking about her son who is 66 years old. She still lives at the house where she raised six children, four are now deceased.

“Adam knows where we grew up and my mother is still there waiting for him,” she said.

Anton Oliver, a friend of the family that lives in Cape Town, says he found out that Mr Willemse worked at a Tamboerskloof home as a gardener.

“In September 2019 we went to the Haven night shelter in Green Point and they told us we just missed him, that he had lunch there. In February 2023 we also went on a search for him and well, we did not find him.” said Mr Oliver.

If you see or know of the whereabouts of Adam Cornelius, please call Mr Oliver on 084 256 8426 or Ms Jansen on 078 146 6879.