Signal Hill restroom woes

Horst Lindstedt, Vredehoek

I refer to your report on the driver with no insurance that tried to claim from Outsurance (“No gain for driver without insurance”, May 4).

I noticed that the two urinals provided in the public toilets were out of order. Weeks ago it was only one that was not in a working condition. The entire gents “restroom” smelled like hell. The so-called waterless system introduced by SANParks did not serve its odourless purpose at all.

The place did not leave the impression of sound maintenance. Do I need to mention that loads of tourists from abroad visit this famous viewing spot every day?

Merle Collins, SANParks regional communications manager, responds:

The toilet system on Signal Hill is a waterless system not by choice but by necessity because the area does not have any bulk water infrastructure. In addition, this is a high volume visitor site which is free of charge.

However, TMNP has a cleaning service on site and the facilities is serviced on a daily basis. Unfortunately some of the park’s users tend to use the facilities in an inappropriate manner, ie, pouring all sorts of foreign objects in the system, graffiti on the walls and even using water in the system.

We encourage all visitors to use the facilities in a responsible manner and with due consideration for other users. The park is in the process of fixing the damaged urinals and will also review the maintenance rosters as well as increase the supervisory visits to the site. Moreover the park is also currently investigating the cost and other implications of introducing bulk infrastructure to the site. However, this project is only in its initial phase.

Thank you very much for the interest shown in the park.