Sound solution

Gus Millner, Camps Bay

While I am no longer up to “entrepreneurship”, I do have an idea which someone ( The City?) might be prepared to follow up.

The public are constantly irritated by the taxi hooters sounding off to attract the attention of possible passengers.

Apart from disturbing the peace, it often startles pedestrians and other drivers with possible unpleasant consequences.

Rather than hooting (indistinguishable from whether as a warning or solicitation) why not provide every taxi with one of those old-fashioned tinkle bells (originally used to summon staff to serve courses and by ice-cream cart sellers), which would soon be recognised as indicating the availability of a nearby taxi and probably enjoyed as a pleasant background noise.

The cost would be negligible and the reduction in aggravation significant.

Here is an opportunity for somebody to pursue, in the interests of less public stress and serving the needs of drivers trying to make a better living.