Spotlight on ‘responsible giving’

The group of residents were determined to educate the public about giving responsibly to the homeless.

A group of residents took part in a walk under the banner of the Yellow Bib campaign to address issues affecting Sea Point.

The walk, on Saturday, November 24, was organised by the Atlantic Seaboard Action Group to promote “responsible giving” to the homeless and to educate the public, restaurants and tourists that “hand-outs hurt”.

Chairperson of the group, Paul Jacobson, said the Yellow Bib Walk started 15 years ago when Sea Point was riddled with drug lords, prostitutes and lawless behaviour but they came together as a community and made significant improvements.

“We stood together as a community and sorted out the problem and we need to do the same with the problem that we’re facing.”

He said residents needed to give responsibly. “There’s a reason people gravitate here and they get stuck on the streets and once they’re on the streets they get affected by drugs, TB and other diseases,” he said.

Mr Jacobson said he was disappointed with the turn-out of this year’s walk.

“All the moaners and groaners have not turned up,” he said.

The group walked from the Sea Point Pavillion to Queens Road, Regent Road and Rocklands Road, giving out pamphlets that encouraged people to give responsibly by donating to shelters and organisations working with homeless people.