Striking MyCiTi workers may be fired

Striking MyCiTi workers outside the Civic Centre.
MyCiTi Bus Service workers, who are taking part in an illegal strike, risk losing their jobs.

The unprotected strike is in contravention of the Labour Relations Act, and those participating are not getting paid while being absent from work; and they will face disciplinary action.

The striking workers are employed by the Vehicle Operating Companies and the Station Management Company who are contracted by the City of Cape Town to operate the MyCiTi service.

Yesterday, at least five striking workers were arrested at the Civic Centre after trying to disrupt the bus service.

The police used stun grenades to disperse a group which had gathered in the red bus lane at the Civic Centre station and attempted to prevent buses from operating.

Five were arrested for intimidating, harrassing and coming closer than 100m from MyCiTi stations, depots, or buses despite a court order preventing them from doing so.

The workers embarked on an illegal strike from Monday October 15.

They are demanding improved working conditions and to be in-sourced by the City.

The service continues to operate on skeleton staff. Commuters can contact the Transport Information Centre 24/7 on 0800 65 64 63 for the latest information regarding the service.