Take a stand

Anna Wolfsdorf, Sea Point

A frightening article appeared in Atlantic Sun on Thursday June 2 informing Capetonians of the approval of the City of Cape Town’s plan to commercialise this wonderful open space of Granger Bay (“Tender out for Granger Bay site”) .

Does the City of Cape Town not employ qualified town planners?

This area, (especially because of) its proximity to the V&A Waterfront, will probably house the same commercial shops and, together with the stadium would constitute another grave and ugly disaster.

Capetonians need to organise a serious, well advertised rally in order to prevent another debacle occurring in their city where they pay the rates.

As mentioned, we need rugby, soccer, athletic sports fields and skate boardng venues for all the youth of our wonderful city, especially as it has such great proximity to our MyCiTi public transport.

I urge all citizens not to remain complacent but to make an effort to turn this around and make this happen.