Teachers named Microsoft expert fellows

Wynberg Girls’ Junior School teachers Gabriela Willis and Gizelle Simpson.

Wynberg Girls’ Junior School teachers Gizelle Simpson and Gabriela Willis have been named Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) Fellows.

Ms Willis is a Grade 4 teacher and Ms Simpson is the school’s head of digital innovation.

The Microsoft for Education programme offers courses and self-development opportunities to teachers around the globe.

According to the Microsoft Education Centre website, the title is awarded to those who are considered experts in “technological integration” by their peers.

The two teachers are among only five in the province and 18 in the country to hold the title.

Ms Simpson said the recognition would help her mentor and inspire other teachers to use Microsoft tools to enhance teaching and learning.

Ms Willis said she liked exposing her pupils to tools and apps that connected them to cultures and communities around the world.

“The learning never stops, for both students and teachers and I am excited to see what the future holds for me in this area.”

The school’s principal, Dee Cawcutt, said Covid-19 had shown how necessary it was to help pupils and staff adapt to a hybrid style of education in which digital tools were commonplace.

The school was very proud of Ms Willis’s and Ms Simpson’s efforts to innovate and share their knowledge, she said.