Telkom’s system change

Andrew Newall, Three Anchor Bay

Telkom is doing away with their old copper system and replacing it with a wireless system.

All sounds great until you start asking questions.

They will replace your old system with a wireless phone using a SIM card which means only one phone, only usable on your old line.

The downside is that the system is like an old phone all in one – not even portable.

You can only have this one phone which means you will need to go to wherever this device is situated in your home to answer or make a call.

It looks like a cheap way out for Telkom .

A very lucrative contract for the “lucky” supplier. They will be supplying the whole of South Africa.

I asked what should I do with my old expensive portable phones or my fax answering machine as they will no longer be usable.

Telkom’s answer was toss them out .

I am now forced like many many thousands of Telkom subscribers to accept this pitiful and very inconvenient service.

This letter has been referred to Telkom and we will publish their response when it arrives.