Thanks tyre-changing trio

Simonèh De Bruin, Mitchell’s Plain

On Thursday May 28, just after 1pm, coming from an appointment at the V&A Waterfront, heading towards Nelson Mandela Boulevard, my car hit an oil patch, skidded and spun out of control.

After a few very frightening minutes, I managed to regain control of the steering wheel and brought the car to a standstill.

Thank God, there was no traffic coming from either side at the time, so no one was injured.

The only damage was to my Renault Sandero’s front wheel rim and mag on the driver’s side.

I proceeded slowly towards Nelson Mandela Boulevard where another incident brought traffic to a crawl.

This was fortunate for me as the three occupants of a Nissan bakkie driving next to me noticed that the wheel on the driver’s side of my car was wobbly and motioned for me to pull over ahead of them.

The three, a mature gentleman and two young men, offered to rather take off the wobbly wheel and replace it with my spare wheel for safety.

Needless to say, I was extremely grateful for these three good Samaritans coming to my rescue on this rainy day that could have had tragic consequences.

I didn’t get their names; all I could gather was that they are from Vredehoek and that they were on their way to Woodstock.

I just want to thank them again for coming to my aid – maybe some day I’ll be able to reciprocate this act of kindness.

Thank you and all the best to you and your families.