Three Atlantic Seaboard councillors step down

The local government elections will be bringing much change to the Atlantic Seaboard, with ward changes on the cards and two of the area’s ward councillors and the chairman of Sub-council 16 not standing for re-election when voters go to the polls on Wednesday August 3.

Currently Ward 74 comprises parts of Camps Bay, Bakoven and Hout Bay, with Ward 54 also including parts of Camps Bay, Sea Point, Green Point, Mouille Point and De Waterkant. This means that Camps Bay has two different ward councillors serving different parts of the area. When the new demarcations come into effect after the election, all of Camps Bay, along with Sea Point, will be in one ward – Ward 54 – and Hout Bay and Llandudno will make up Ward 74.

Mouille Point, Green Point and De Waterkant will, along with the CBD, Woodstock and Paarden Eiland, make up Ward 115.

When Jacques Weber spoke to Atlantic Sun about stepping down after his current term as ward councillor for Ward 54, he said his next move would be away from politics (“Atlantic seaboard councillor stands down”, Atlantic Sun, June 9).

Ward 74 councillor, Marga Haywood, will also not be contesting this election

Commenting on the change in ward boundaries, Sub-council 16 chairman Demetri Qually told Atlantic Sun: “After a public participation process, which included the City of Cape Town, the Municipal Demarcation Board redefined the ward boundaries. Now Ward 74 comprises Hout Bay and Llandudno, and Ward 54 includes the whole of Camps Bay.

“Work opportunities, housing and the environment are the major issues in the greater Hout Bay. Hangberg, the Valley and Imizamo Yethu, each present their own priorities. Camps Bay priorities predominantly revolve around planning and property development issues. Both areas also have their share of the usual municipal problems such as burst water pipes, blocked drains, dumping, and electricity supply,” said Mr Qually.

He added that another major issue that the new ward councillor for the Camps Bay area would have to deal with was the number of events that took place through out the year. “Having Camps Bay serviced by one ward councillor instead of two, is a definite improvement, both for the councillor and the community organisations and individuals. Hout Bay and Llandudno is a logical grouping,” he said.

When asked why he he had decided to step down this year, Mr Qually said: ”After 20 years as a councillor, I decided it’s time for a change of activity, and am not standing for re-election.

“As a public representative, my role is to represent the communities to council and also council to the communities. I’ve regularly engaged with the community organisations and leaders as well as individuals, through site visits, formal and informal meetings, participating in workshops, distributing information, interacting via email and telephone.”

The full list of candidates contesting Ward 54 includes: Nurjeaan Salie of the Africa Muslim Party; Grant Christopher Ronald of the African Christian Democratic Party; Thandeka Sisusa of the African National Congress; Mogamad Ganief Ebrahim Hendricks of Al Jama-Ah; Abduraghmaan Ismail of Al Shura Party; Mogamat Adams of Cape Muslim Congress; Jack Lawerence Miller of the Cape Party; Megan Leah Kleinsmith of the Coloured Voice; Jacobus Cornelius of Congress of the People; Shayne Adrinne Ramsay of the Democratic Alliance; Ayanda Songwevu of the Economic Freedom Fighters; Richard Francis Kock of the Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa; Achmat Williams of the National Party of South Africa; Michelle Maria Calitz of the National People’s Party; Sivuyile Tutuva of the Pan Africanst Congress of Azania; Gerald Ronald Frieslaar of the Patriotic Alliance and Guy Trevor Robertson of the Vryheidsfront Plus.

blob This is the first of a series of articles which will be published during the run-up to the municipal election on Wednesday August 3.