Two women rescued by good Samaritans

The pink buoy was used to rescue two women at Bakoven beach.

The NSRI has commended three good Samaritans who saved two women who had fallen into the water at Bakoven beach.

Eyewitnesses alerted the NSRI Bakoven duty crew to the incident which happened last Thursday.

When the crew responded, they were informed that the women, as well as the three men who had rescued them, were safely out of the water and that the women required medical care, said deputy station commander at NSRI Bakoven, David Rosenberg.

NSRI medics were assisted by bystanders before ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene.

The two women – a Spanish woman, aged 18, and a German woman, aged 20, were transported to hospital by ER24 ambulance in stable conditions where they are receiving care.

“An eye-witness told the NSRI that while Bakoven Beach was fairly busy their attention was drawn to the two girls in the water after one began shouting for help. It appears that they were swept off a rock by waves,” said Mr Rosenberg.

“A female bystander grabbed a pink rescue buoy from the Bakoven Beach and she ran along the rocks to a point where she was able to throw the rescue buoy to the three men and the two ladies. They used the rescue buoy as a floatation aid and on getting to the beach other bystanders assisted,” he said.

The NSRI commended the people who assisted the two women in distress.