United in fight against crime

A new incident report group has been launched for the Atlantic Seaboard.

A new incident report group was launched for the Atlantic Seaboard to boost efforts to combat crime in the area.

Started by Sea Point CID (SPCID) chairperson Jacques Weber and auxiliary law enforcement officers Jarred Marcus and JJ Pennett, the Atlantic Seaboard Response Communication Group aims to fight crime in the community, working with all the safety and security stakeholders in the area including SAPS, Metro Police, Law Enforcement, Avenue Response and Watchtower Group.

Mr Weber said the group comprises all enforcement agencies and security companies operating with vehicles along the Atlantic Seaboard. He said one of the best ways to fight crime was through joint operations.

“This allows for the immediate response by available units to incidents within the region,” he said.

Last week, he said, an incident on Ocean View Drive was reported via the Buzzer App, and within two minutes, each road surrounding the area was covered by a security vehicle allowing the SAPS to deal with the main incident.

He described another recent example where the joint action brought criminals to book: “Poachers on Sea Point beachfront were apprehended in the area through the combined work of the group.

One suspect tried to run away but was shortly arrested by officers waiting further up the stretch,” he said.

He said the group had recorded successes since its launch and they’ve seen how it worked in different areas in Cape Town.

“The City Bowl has such a group and we believe this will benefit us. It also works as an extra security for SAPS,” he said.

Sea Point Community Police Forum (CPF) chairperson, Heather Tager, commended the efforts of all involved, highlighting the positive results they can expect to see from the group.

“This is an example of how to come together to make a difference,” she said.

Sea Point police spokesperson Captain Cyril Dicks said police management and officers believed in the power of partnership to combat the crime in the area.

However, he said, partnerships needed to be kept alive.

“The community are urged to participate in neighbourhood watches, Community in Blue watches and just to be an eye and ear that can render anonymous information to the South African Police Service. These practices have rendered success due to the commitment of concerned residents in the precinct,” he said.