Walk of Remembrance

Little Majeedah Hendricks,6, ties a note to the fence at Hanover Street.

More than 100 people, mostly former residents of District Six, braved the heat to take part in the annual Walk of Remembrance on Sunday February 11. The walk is held to commemorate the day in 1966 when the apartheid government proclaimed District Six a whites-only area. Subsequently, 60 000 residents were forcefully moved to housing on the Cape Flats and their homes flattened by bulldozers. The group walked up Keizersgracht Street into the CPUT residence, where they placed stones at the cairn in Hanover Street. They also wrote messages of hope and tied it to the nearby fence. The walk this year was led by judge Siraj Desai, who called for a more speedy process to have District Six declared a heritage area.