When is it enough

Barry Jacobsen, Bantry Bay

Regarding the Tramway development (“Tramway takes new direction”, Atlantic Sun, March 17), something had to happen on that site, because it could not remain a great big hole indefinitely.

There is a sad history to the site, and we sympathise – fortunately there was some compensation paid. The traffic congestion in this area has become almost unbearable, especially as the new Point shopping centre has been completed.

Construction companies are having a field day, buying up houses with flat zonings and building blocks of flats everywhere – thus more traffic.

In the immediate area of the Tramway site are five active construction sites.

On the corner of Kloof and King roads, a partially completed block, which has had no activity for months.

Another large building to be built on the corner of Queens and Main roads. Two in Kloof Road, Portwood and so on.

Back to traffic – Queens, Kings, Ilford and Tramway roads are all very narrow and can barely handle the congestion at this time. Queens , Kings and Tramway are all one-ways. The International School, between Kings and Tramway, generates considerable traffic, throughout the day, as does the Jewish School in Kloof Road.

With the large amount of traffic coming from the Camps Bay side, many use Kings to get to Beach Road en-route to the city, frequently there is total congestion and a build-up of traffic attempting to turn into Kings, coming up and going down Kloof Road.

So the residents of this area will now be subjected to another two to four years of construction noise and turmoil, plus the traffic chaos with construction trucks that block the narrow roads all around the Tramway site. Not to mention the traffic that will be generated from the Tramway development when finished.

What a mess. Does our City Council not sit down and say, “Enough is enough”?