Woman rescued on Lion’s Head

Wilderness Search and Rescue (WSAR) rescued a female tourist in her early thirties who had slipped and fell 10 meters, near the chains on Lion’s Head, sustaining moderate injuries to her back and ankles, on Saturday March 31.

WSAR spokesperson Johann Marais explained that after they had received a request for assistance around 8.38am, paramedics and a rescue operator rushed to the aid of the patient.

“They reached the patient by 9.35am and after the examination (by paramedics) there was a request that the helicopter contracted to the Department of Health be authorised to extract the patient.”

Paramedics were able to stabilise the woman while they awaited a stretcher and she was then airlifted by Skymed to the base of Lion’s Head.

Robert Daniels, spokesperson for Emergency Medical Services(EMS), said while the woman had not been badly injured, she had sustained two sprained ankles and pain in the lower back.

“She was not badly injured but had to be airlifted as a safety precaution due to pain in her lower back. She was then taken to the Lion’s Head base and was taken to hospital in a private car,” Mr Daniels said.