Yajna recognised as environmental champion

Yajna Gold has a passion for the planet.

Sea Point resident Yajna Gold’s environmental work and passion has been recognised by the Rotary Club of Sea Point as they nominated her as one of their environmental champions for 2018.

Ms Gold entered Miss Earth SA in 2016 and has never looked back (“Miss Earth SA semi-finalist going for gold,”Atlantic Sun, June 9, 2016).

An environmentalist at heart, Ms Gold said she’s always been passionate about planet earth.

Last year she hosted a number of initiatives from greening and feeding the hungry to education projects and spreading awareness about the environment.

She also entered the Miss Eco SA 2019 with the aim of making earth a sustainable planet for everyone.

“My reason for doing all these things is the concern for the future of our planet, the animals living in it and our children who won’t be able to know/ see some animals because of what we’re ignoring right now,” she said.

Ms Gold also hosted beach clean-up campaigns in the last year and she said she’s hoping to do more in 2019 to encourage change.

“We need to realise that plastics are dangerous to our sea life. We need to reduce this harm and everyone can contribute,” she said.