Impound fast, noisy, ’souped up’ cars

Rouxlé Marais, Three Anchor Bay

I have never taken the time to write or respond to issues that bother me but Richard Coleman’s response to Mr Sollinger’s letter, was so ridiculous that I could not contain myself.

Precisely what do these stats prove other than that there is a problem in the area? Surely 119 km/h in a 60 km/h zone warrants more than a fine? Or was this reckless driver arrested and his car impounded?

Mr Sollinger was very polite in asking for some input from the City. Perhaps he should instead have demanded some decisive action.

I would like to see these fast, noisy, “souped up” cars impounded and checked as they are surely not legal at that level of noise.

Better yet, have them off our streets permanently. It seems to have become a “thing” and it’s not only young men, there is a man who is at least late 30s driving a black Range Rover who I have seen speeding along Helen Suzman and Main Road more than once.