Seeing red over Sea Point stop lights

Siney Sollinger, Sea Point.

The situation with the recent changes to all stop lights in Sea Point is giving much cause for concern.

The lights are now totally governed by a computerised system, which ensures that every single time the light changes, it moves to pedestrian mode, whether there are people wanting to cross or not.

This has resulted in heavy congestion at street lights that were never congested before. For instance, at the corner of Glengariff and Beach roads, there is always a huge build-up, causing unnecessary wastage of petrol, and both sides of the roads simply come to a standstill.

The situation is exacerbated when reaching the end of Beach Road outside the President Hotel. There is a constant lengthy stream of cars waiting to cross the lights. This was never the situation before and is causing havoc for motorists waiting for an eternity to cross what used to be a very low-traffic area.

I believe the powers that be need to review the situation urgently, as by changing the duration of these lights they have created unnecessary delays.

I would be interested to hear your readers’ comments.