Watch responds to SAPS

Green Point Neighbourhood Watch Exco

We are writing with respect to the article “Flentov continues as GPNW chairman” (Atlantic Sun, April 21) which omits important facts that allow members of the community to properly understand the current situation. We request that the record be set straight.

The GPNW’s Executive Committee (EXCO) have reviewed the allegations of anti-semitism made against the chair and are satisfied that the allegations are unfounded and baseless. The posts in question were were either posted on a fake Facebook profile or, in one case, are a forgery that was never actually posted on Facebook.

When Mr Flentov became aware of the fake posts he immediately reported them to the Cape Jewish Board of Deputies. At his request he met with members of the Board and we understand that the Board is satisfied that the offending posts are fake.

The allegations against Mr Flentov are part of an ongoing campaign of harassment stemming from an incident in February 2020.

The GPNW Exco is disappointed that SAPS has chosen to distance itself from the GPNW, especially seeing that no due process was followed. As of yet SAPS has provided neither the GPNW nor Mr Flentov with any details about, or of his role in the alleged “social media conflict” they claim is the basis for their decision.

SAPS have pointedly stated that they are not interested in investigating whether there is any validity to the accusations being made against Mr Flentov.

SAPS’ actions can only weaken security in the area.