Mthi, Skoti light up the ring in epic debut clash

It was an all out action fight between Okuhle Mthi, left, and Zizo Skoti, in front of an electric crowd, in Hope Street Hall, Gardens, last Friday. The bout ended in a thrilling draw. Picture: Lonwabo Marele

Promising female flyweight boxers, Okuhle Mthi and Zizo Skoti captivated a packed audience during their highly anticipated professional debut fight, at Hope Street Hall, in Gardens, last week Friday, May 26.

Organised by Maxim Boxing Promotions, sanctioned by Boxing South Africa, and managed under the watchful eyes of Welsh Macibela and Zola Koti, Mthi and Skoti left it all in the ring, representing their communities of Khayelitsha and Philippi.

Mthi, a former amateur national champion, showcased her natural fighting abilities and impressive style from the opening bell. With a solid command of the ring, she dictated the pace of the bout in the first round, using her precise jabs to keep Skoti at bay.

Skoti, a determined and spirited fighter, refused to be outshone. Recognising the need to make a name for herself, Skoti emerged from her corner for the second round with persistence. With an intensified attack, she showcased her skill, arguably securing the round in her favour.

The crowd erupted in excitement as the momentum shifted, eager to witness the unfolding drama.

Zizo Skoti, right, emerges from the community of Philippi, where she sharpens her gloves under professional trainer Zola Koti. Her face was bruised but her will to fight and hunger to win remained unmatched in Gardens on Friday. Picture: Lonwabo Marele

As the contest progressed into the third and fourth rounds, the fighters demonstrated their hunger for victory, exchanging blows and defending their positions with commendable tenacity. The rounds were fiercely contested, with each fighter showcasing their unique strengths and abilities.

Throughout the fight, it became evident that Mthi’s potential for a more impactful attack lay in sharpening up her defence. Despite her natural fighting instincts and impressive style, she occasionally left herself vulnerable to counter-attacks. By focusing on improving her defensive manoeuvres, she has the potential to elevate her game to even greater heights and deliver devastating blows.

On the other hand, Skoti exhibited her fighting prowess and resilience, proving herself to be a worthy opponent. However, as the match progressed, her stamina disappeared slightly towards the end of each round. With additional preparation and conditioning, she has the opportunity to bolster her endurance, ensuring she remains on form throughout future battles.

In the end, the judges, Xolisani Nkqintamo (39-39), Oscar Noëls (38 – 38) and Frederick Van Der Ross (39 – 37) scorecards’ reflected the closely contested nature of the bout, leading to a well-deserved draw.

Fighting out of 9SAI Boxing Club in Khayelitsha, Okuhle ‘Chinise’ Mthi is a promising force in the female boxing scene. She made her debut at a Maxim Boxing Promotions showcase in Gardens last week Friday, following a successful amateur career that included her winning an SA national amateur championship title and a silver medal in Malawi last year. Picture: Lonwabo Marele
Organised by Maxim Boxing Promotions, sanctioned by Boxing South Africa and officiated by referee Rachel Kamko, the female flyweight bout between Okuhle Mthi and Zizo Skoti was one of the best fights of the night, at Hope Street Hall in Gardens, last Friday. Picture: Lonwabo Marele