Padel: The intimate sport you’ll fall in love with

Action on the Padel court.

I have just been recently introduced to the sport of Padel through an invitation from the Virgin Active Padel Club in Green Point, and I must confess I may have found a new favourite pastime.

Having never held a tennis racket before, I felt a bit like a fish out of water when I stepped onto the court, which resembled a tennis court.

A brief demonstration on how to wield the racket and a run-through of the rules quickly brought me up to speed.

While the scoring system is similar to that of tennis, the gameplay itself differs.

Padel, as I later discovered, combines elements of both tennis and squash.

I might venture to say that tennis looks a more physically demanding counterpart to Padel, with one significant distinction being the large walls on the court, allowing for ball rebounds.

What struck me most about padel was its inherent fun factor, a delightful blend of its tennis and squash roots. It’s much more chilled as much as it is competition.

Playing in pairs adds an intimate touch to the game, and I observed that people of all sizes and ages could comfortably share the court together.

I must admit my few initial struggles with connecting my swing to the ball, but I eventually found my rhythm, even if my excitement led to a moment where I blasted the ball over those high walls.

I credit this newfound joy in the game to the Virgin Active Padel Club in Green Point, especially for extending an invitation to media members like myself.

A Padel racket