Precision and promise: Nocele’s star shines bright

Asakhe Nocele put on a clinical performance against Shamsi Mnala Twalib at the weekend in their four-round fight, won via a decision by Nocele.

When skills meet hard work, only great things can emerge, and that rings no truer than watching Asakhe Prince Nocele rising as one of the most promising prospects in the boxing world.

The 19-year-old sensation showcased his talent at a recent Jackie Brice-promoted event in Ottery, elevating his record to an impressive 3-0, having made his pro debut just six months ago.

The man doing the dance with him at the weekend was Shamsi Mnala Twalib.

Fight fans couldn’t help but marvel at Nocele’s performance, affirming the age-old adage that boxing is indeed the art of the sweet science.

Agile footwork, strategic manoeuvres, and precise strikes tell the tale of a young athlete destined for greatness. Underneath the squared circle lights, Nocele danced around his opponent with finesse, much to the adoration of those in attendance

A crucial factor contributing to Nocele’s early success and promising future is the expert guidance provided by Michael Mouneimne, a renowned coach at PrideFighting Academy.

Nocele finds himself in the capable hands of one of the game’s finest mentors. The chemistry between coach and boxer is palpable, evident in the seamless execution of strategies crafted in the corner during the fight.

Though Nocele’s career is still in its infancy, the synchronised understanding between him and his coaching team is a promising sign.

The instructions whispered in the corner resonate with precision in the ring, showcasing a melody that bodes well for the young pugilist’s future endeavours.

As the relationship between the boxing sensation and his team continues to mature, expectations rise for the achievements that may unfold in Nocele’s career.

The Ottery event marked the 13th and final tournament in the Western Cape for the year, a historic occurrence for the province.

Nocele and numerous talents have reaped the benefits of the prolific events hosted throughout the year.

Speaking at the event, Jack Brice of Jackie Brice Promotions highlighted the resilience of promoters, emphasising the need to persist in providing opportunities for the abundant pool of talent in Cape Town and its surrounding areas.

Even without the backing of government support, promoters like Jackie Brice remain committed to nurturing and showcasing the wealth of boxing talent in the region.

The tournament Clash of The Titans – Tribute to Basil Brice was in honour of Jackie’s late father Basil, who passed away recently at the age on 90 and made a significant contribution to the sport over decades.

As Nocele’s star continues to rise, this collaborative effort between promoters, coaches, and young talents promises a future enhanced with success and triumph in the noble art of boxing.

Corner work by Michael Mouneimne and Banele “Star” Mniki during Nocele’s weekend fight.
Asakhe Nocele’s left hook finds an opening.
Throughout the fight, body work was something Nocele targeted and worked to perfection.