Promising centre back dreams of playing college ball in America

Picture: Jack Lestrade.

From reaching the semi-finals of the under-19 Bayhill Premier Cupwith ASD Academy in 2014, Euwin Stevens, a young footballer from Elsies River, says the game has taught him more about life’s ups and downs than anything else.

The youngster says he has managed to use football as a way to overcome daily challenges, such as the social ills in the area.

Now Euwin, 22, has received a once- in-a-lifetime offer to study business management at the University of Arkansas Rich Mountain.

Euwin says this is a step closer to fulfilling a lifetime dream, however, for it to become a reality, he needs about R80 000 to cover the cost of the flight and living expenses for the duration of his two-year stay in the USA. Euwin says before he was selected by scout David Fyce while playing for Kuils River AFC late last year, he sent a couple of videos of himself playing in centre-back position to Fyce. Euwin says he has always been one of the youngest players in the team.

“Playing in the Bayhill in 2014 and 2016 was scary but amazing at the same time. I think the Bayhill is a hub of great talent. We reached the semi-finals with ASD Academy and reached the quarter-finals with Hellenic,” he says.

Euwin hopes to open a business consulting agency in Cape Town after he is done studying.

“I love my people. I want to help my people and equip them with business and entrepreneurial skills.

“There are a lot of people I want to thank, but most importantly I want to thank my mother and my family. She has pushed me to go after my dreams, to be disciplined and to stick to my gut no matter the circumstances. I want to inspire the kids in Elsies River, not only them, but the next generation to do and be better,” he says.

His mother, Riehette Stevens says Euwin is now the tallest person in the family despite being a premature baby. “He gave the doctors the run- around and we were praying that he makes it,” she said, recalling how he beat the odds when he was born. Stevens says her son started playing for the Eastern Rovers under-9 team when he was 4 years old.

“I’m really excited and proud of him. We give all the thanks to the Lord, without him all of this would be impossible,” she says.

Euwin has raised over R21 550. To help #GetEuwinToUSA, see his crowdfunding page on