Crimes in Bo-Kaap continue

This is Longmarket Street where an Asian lady was attacked but not robbed of any valuables.

On April 6, a teenager was allegedly assaulted and stabbed by three men in Bo-Kaap, and two days later, in an unrelated incident, a female tourist was attacked by a man known to live in the area.

The three suspects are known, according to a Facebook post by the adolescent victim’s mother, Lucrezia Collins, and her. She said her 16-year old son was treated in hospital for one week following the attack.

Cape Town Central police spokesperson, Captain Ezra October, said three men, aged 22, 26 and 58 years, were arrested.

“The suspects were arrested and detained at Cape Town Central Police Station and appeared at Cape Town Magistrate’s Court last week, Tuesday, April 9. The case is remanded until June 9,” Captain October said.

Last year the Atlantic Sun reported on a murder in Bo-Kaap (Man, 20, killed in Bo-Kaap shooting, December 1, 2022) as well as a murder earlier this year (Homeless man found dead on Bo-Kaap street, March 9, 2023).

Megan Kassiem wants more residents to invest in a private security company to combat crime. Ms Kassiem set up meetings last year to start a security project, (Bo-Kaap residents reach out to private security, Oct 20, 2022).

“I feel that more people should join our private security so that we can have more visible policing or patrolling,” Ms Kassiem said. “If everyone can contribute then we can have security driving around as well as on foot to prevent these perpetrators from breaking the law.”

JP Smith, the mayoral committee member for safety and security, said that the safety and security directorate is aware of the video showing an alleged robbery in Bo-Kaap.

“After trying to verify the authenticity of the video, our members also made contact with CT Central SAPS, who could find no report of the incident within their register. Together with CT SAPS Detectives, members from our SSIMS and Law Enforcement began following up leads and searching for the alleged suspect, a homeless person who had since vacated his fixed residence in Bonteheuwel and had taken up residence in one of the tented camps in the Bo-Kaap area,” Mr Smith said.

The victim, an Asian lady, was tracked down by the Atlantic Sun, but she declined an interview.

“The victim was located shortly before departing from South Africa and agreed to register a criminal docket,” he said.

Residents from Bo-Kaap who did not want to be identified due to safety concerns said the man who attacked the tourist is a resident of the area.

Osman Shaboodien, chairman of Bo-Kaap Civic and Ratepayers’ Association (BKCRA), says they have addressed the issues with the City.

“It’s years of neglect, indifference to the crime situation by the authorities. The community has highlighted this challenge we face in Bo-Kaap in numerous forums . We welcome the visible increase of police and law enforcement presence in Bo-Kaap and we are relieved that the perpetrator has been arrested. Thank you to all involved,” Mr Shaboodien said.

Cape Town Central SAPS Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Pojie confirmed that a 21-year-old man handed himself over to the police and that an attempted robbery case was opened for investigation.

“It is alleged that the 28-year-old victim was accosted by an unknown man whilst she was making a video with her cellphone. The suspect attempted to take her camera and cellphone, but a member of the public came to her rescue after hearing her scream for help. The suspect then ran away. Nothing was taken and the complainant was not injured, according to reports,” said Lieutenant Colonel Pojie.