Camps Bay community cares for the homeless

The Community who Cares

A community-based organisation is helping to change the lives of those who live on the streets of Camps Bay.

The Community who Cares (CWC) was started in 2018, by Alan Marsh, the chairman of the Camps Bay Community Police Forum (CPF), and is a collaboration between the Camps Bay and Clifton Ratepayers’ Association (CBCRA), the Business Forum, SAPS, Camps Bay CSI (CBCSI), Ward 54 councillor Nicola Jowell, and NGOs such as Homestead and StreetSmart.

At the recent annual general meeting of the CBCRA, resident Theresa Massaglia said donations totalling R400 000 had been received, covering the costs of masks, sanitiser, and to support feeding schemes during the lockdown.

“Transformation of homeless persons is the key, rather than community handouts of money or food,” she said.

She said over the years, they had realised that one could never just give up on someone, even when at times they may give up on themself.

“We can simply never give up the plight of helping others get off the dreadful streets. It is dangerous in the way it pulls one in and tries to keep you there. Feeding these habits are even worse and prolong the urgency for change,” she said.