A grand slam for safety

The meeting covers crime issues affecting three sectors in the area.

High flyer…

Joshua Emanuel took part in the Red Bull King of the Air international kite surfing event.

Historic schools agreement signed

Children attending Hafith schools dedicate a few years to memorise the Qur’an, and during this time, they do not attend mainstream schools.

City actresses on silver screen

The film is based on the true story of Hugo and Mardaleen Derks from Namibia.

Centenarian celebrates birthday in style

Esme Grove recently celebrated her centenarian birthday at the Monte Rosa old age home.

Dene is one of South Africa’s most influential

Dene Botha bagged a nomination in the social enterprise and philanthropy category.

Author hopes to inspire young minds

The book is about reflection, transformation, and the discovery of inner beauty and one’s own worth.

Ecological burn in Tamboerskloof

The vegetation on the site to be burned is invasive and indigenous vegetation.

People carrying weapons cause concern

The business owner said her staff also feel threatened, and her car had been keyed.

Management rights planned for maze

Councillor Dave Bryant said a great deal of work had been done behind the scenes to evaluate the previous lease and get a new process under way.