Clifton gets a CID

A CID will start in this area soon to maintain it’s poise.

The formation of a City Improvement District (CID) in Clifton can be viewed as a response to the specific needs and objectives of the community’s citizens. While the City of Cape Town Council provides basic services, the CID allows for extra services and enhancements that are tailored to the local community’s preferences.

The CIDSC began the process in 2019 with the goal of having the CID functioning by July 1 (“Residents propose a CID for Clifton and Glen Beach”, Atlantic Sun, April 7, 2022).

“We are very excited about the formation of the Clifton CID and await final confirmation from the City of Cape Town. Any CID is required to achieve a minimum number of votes from its residents, and Clifton achieved this from those who live in the area. When launched, the CID will provide additional security and urban management to the area, working closely with the City. Clifton is a much loved destination for locals and foreigners alike, and we look forward to having a beautiful, well-managed area for all, including residents,” said CID board member Tamra Capstick-Dale.

The CIDSC presented a five-year business plan in a public meeting in August 2021, but legislation requires that 60% of all property owners vote in support of establishing the CID before it can be legally formed.

“We spent a great deal of time doing research with residents, which formed part of the process of forming the CID. We know what the residents would prefer, and where they would like the additional levy to be spent. Our budget was drawn up with this in mind, and will make a big difference to our suburb,” said Ms Capstick-Dale.

According to Ward 54 councillor Nicola Jowell, there are 468 qualifying properties, and the CID is required to gain a favourable vote from 60% of those properties, which was accomplished by the CIDSC’s hard work and involvement.

“The completed business plans, public participation process, objections, budget and vote outcome was submitted to a full sitting of the City Council on Thursday last week. This application was passed by Council,” she sadi adding that the CID will now come into effect from Saturday July 1. “Of course the CID is starting entirely from scratch and will now commence with securing service providers and personnel to start their work early in the City’s new Financial year.”

She goes on to say that there are 48 CID’s throughout the city, and there is no dispute about the added value they bring to the inhabitants who live inside their bounds.

“Generally the significant budget allocation is for increased security provisions along with additional street cleaning, social development work and hands-on urban management. The benefits to all property owners will be a tangible experience in the Clifton area.”