Nazareth House resident turns 100

Margaret Wolff at her 100th birthday celebration at Nazareth House.

Margaret Wolff celebrated her 100th birthday with the staff of Nazareth House on Saturday August 27.

Pink balloons displaying the milestone one hundred, a birthday cake, flowers, gifts, cards and party packets surrounded Ms Wolff at her party.

Mrs Wolff and Nazareth house carers join in on the celebration. From left Nomhle Makananda, Nonfundiso Mayedwa and Erica Makutuya

Mrs Wolff is originally from India. She then moved to the United Kingdom where she spent some of her adult years as an accounts clerk.

She arrived in South Africa in 1964 and later moved to Plumstead.

Stella Matthee, a friend of 17 years, met Ms Wolff through a prayer group in the Catholic church.

“The friendship started with a visit per week, saying prayers in her flat, from there I was asked by her to do her cooking. I used to cook soup for her and she loved the chicken pie, she also loved barley soup.”

Ms Matthee said Ms Wolff loved cycling. “I made a joke one day and said that’s why you have such lovely legs.”

Ms Matthee added that Ms Wolff was dedicated to prayer and it’s definitely one of her ingredients for living a long life.

“She was really devoted to her prayer life, sometimes she phoned me and it was 10.30pm or 11pm, and I’d ask why are you still up and she’d say but you know I say my last prayers,” she said.

Stella Matthee, a close friend of Ms Wolff, who arranged the birthday party.

Most of Ms Wolff’s family have died but her niece Caroline Lloyd was in attendance and wished her aunt the best for her 100 years.

Ms Lloyd said her aunt’s food was one of her fondest memories. “She was always a very good cook, her curries were wonderful.”

Ms Matthee added that Ms Wolff taught her to be strong. “(That) you must always be strong and courageous, let nothing take you down. If you feel you are weak and can’t handle it, just ask God.”