One-way ignored at Bo-Kaap intersection

This is the one-way street that motorists ignore.

The one-way traffic flow on a Buitengracht service road that intersects with Bloem Street in Bo-Kaap is not being adhered to by motorists, according to Bo-Kaap Civic and Ratepayers’ Association (BKCRA) chairperson Osman Shaboodien.

More importantly, Mr Shaboodien wants the service road to revert to being a two way as he sees it as a potential risk for motorists. He said the City of Cape Town made the changes last September without the BKCRA input.

“They (the City) need to make this workable for the community, the community can guide them because we’ve been here for years, we know what we want, we welcome the robot, but with the one-way they’ve made driving here a challenge and we want to prevent any accidents happening here on the steep Bloem Street as well as Buitengracht Street,” said Mr Shaboodien.

“The parking in Buitengracht is not enforced. Look at how people are parking over the yellow lines and people cannot and should not park on both sides of the street,” he said.

Drivers have to be vigilant at this intersection.

Mr Shaboodien added that motorists use the service road as a two-way street, and when the Atlantic Sun was there, no less than 12 vehicles exited from the one way.

“Some residents don’t use this as a one-way, they’ve been driving up and down this road for years so it’s a habit and for some it’s a manner of defying the authorities.”

The one way arrows are clear, and in opposite directions on the service road.

The City of Cape Town’s mayoral committee member for transport, Rob Quintas, admitted that they did not consult the civic association or the residents in their plans for pedestrian and vehicular safety in the area.

“We regret not consulting the civic associations directly, it was an unfortunate oversight in our haste to address pedestrian and other road safety concerns raised by the residents,” said Mr Quintas.

He said they are aware of the possible hazards presented at the intersection and that traffic changes could be put into practice in three months time as the City has to appoint consultants and consider their designs.

“Consultants are in the process of being appointed to evaluate the possibility of changing the current one-way on the Harbour side of Bloem Street back into a two-way roadway. This would offer a more gentle gradient as there have been complaints that Bloem Street is too steep, especially for those driving older vehicles. There are other safety considerations that need to be taken into account at the junction of Buitengracht and Bloem Street itself.”

Vehicles exiting the one-way on Buitengracht street.