Excessive noise and high speeds in Sea Point

Sidney Sollinger, Sea Point

As a long-standing resident in Sea Point, I have noticed an increased phenomena of excessive noise and high speeds from both highly tuned cars, and huge motorbikes, who flagrantly speed along both the Main Road and Beach Road, making a huge noise, which even affects the ability to listen to your TV or radio.

Besides the high volume being very disruptive, it is obvious that very soon huge accidents will result due to the exceptionally high speeds these selfish and thoughtless people will cause.

Sadly, the few law enforcement officers simply show no interest in apprehending any of these people who must be flouting the law in every aspect.

Possibly we could have some input from the City

BLOB: The City’s spokesperson for Traffic Services, Richard Coleman, responds:

The City’s Traffic Service confirms that the Sea Point area is patrolled on a regular basis with specific enforcement interventions on speeding and illegal street racing

During the first week of March 2021, officers issued fines for 270 speed offences on Helen Suzman Boulevard with the highest speed recorded at 119km/h

On 28 February 2021, 367 speed offences were recorded (highest speed 107km/h)

Patrols conducted in the Sea Point area on 19 February 2021 recorded 98 offences which included, among others, reckless and negligent driving, suspensions for unroadworthy vehicles, unlicensed vehicles and disobeying red traffic lights.

On Sunday, 7 February 2021 the following speed offences were recorded:

· 182 on Helen Suzman Boulevard west bound (highest speed 113km/h)

· 107 on Helen Suzman Boulevard East bound (highest speed 99km/h)