Culture hub opens doors in Bo-Kaap

The newly opened Bo-Kaap Cultural Hub exhibition promises visitors and tourists a full experience of the Bo-Kaap magic.

Kia dismisses customer’s complaints

Robin Knox shares his story of a faulty vehicle that the manufacturer disputes.

Alcohol confiscations increase year-on-year

The statistics reveal that too many people continue to smuggle alcohol to public spaces such as the beaches.

Trading suspended

The market trades from the P4 parking area just outside the Green Point Athletics Stadium on Sundays and public holidays.

Read of the Week

Julia Albu has written a book about her amazing journey through the African continent.

The Hucksters at Baxter

The Hucksters is an exploration of a casual sexual encounter gone awry and takes a harrowing descent into a world of lies and revenge.

Cape Town Street Parade

Thousands of people descended on the CBD for the annual Cape Town Street Parade.

History of medical aid

Steven Weiss explains late joiner penalties for some medical aid members.

Help animal welfare

Allan Perrins said members of their nursing team barely have time to catch their breath between cases.

Police arrest 3 men with drugs

The men were arrested and detained at Sea Point Police on drug dealing charges.