Ombud enforces in duplum rule

The in duplum rule is intended to protect debtors from exploitation, which is why the ombud, Judge Ron McLaren, ordered Momentum to adjust the balance reducing the amount owed because of accrued interest.

Watch celebrates three years

Chairman Anthony Rees said the Gardens Neighbourhood Watch was formed because the area had been in a bad state three years ago.

Women get urged to be cancer aware

Breast cancer is the most common among South African women with a lifetime risk of 1 in 27, according to the 2014 National Cancer Registry.

Safe tourism campaign launched

The safety campaign is an initiative by the Department of Tourism and South African National Parks, the Department of Environment, Fisheries and Forestry, SAPS and the business sector.

Lease open for comment

The City of Cape Town is considering a 50-year lease for the property - with an option to renew for 49 years - at R100 a year for the duration of the lease.

City dam levels pass 80% mark

The dams supplying the City of Cape Town have hit the 80% mark for the first time in years.

Safety rangers deployed

Officials and rangers from Table Mountain gathered at Mouille Point on Wednesday July 31 to mark World Ranger Day.

Music of Lisa Jura

Mona Golabek will tell the story through words, images and music of Lisa Jura.

Blanket handover

Big Issue vendors received 150 blankets thanks to a blanket drive held by staff at Dis-Chem Sea Point.

Ghostbusters seek out the city’s ghouls

Cape Town Paranormal Investigations, a non-profit organisation based in Durbanville is made up of a team of 16 investigators from across the city.