Assistant referee

Nicholas Haupt was selected as an assistant referee for the Cape Town 10’s.

Frustration as store fails to play by the game

Beulah Marks reached out to Off My Trolley over problematic washing machine.

Read of the Week

Karen Watkins reviews Durban Poison by Ben Trovato.

New boots on the beat

The new recruits will form part of crime prevention and visibility operations.

District Six Museum commemorates 54th remembrance walk

The event will start at the District Six Homecoming Centre in Buitenkant Street.

Fleabag at The Fugard Bioscope

Screenings are presented on The Fugard Theatre’s full-size high-definition cinema screen.

Read of the Week

Fiona Snyckers has written a critique of the award-winning Disgrace.

Stand up against violence

Yvonne Wakefield looks at the spate of gender-based violence.

Book launch in Gardens

Elaine Durbach is an award-winning journalist-turned-author.

First meeting ‘a forum for solutions’

Colonel Andre Coetzee said the police wanted to start the year with strengthening partnerships.