Yay and nay on traffic calming

Ward councillor Dave Bryant says the road is used by public transport and accommodates a high volume of traffic.

Watch out for car scam

Four people have fallen victim to the scam in the last two months, according to police.

Two injured while restoring electricity

One suffered serious injuries and was treated with Advanced Life Support interventions, the other suffered moderate injuries.

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Promising centre back dreams of playing college ball in America

From reaching the semi-finals of the under-19 Bayhill Premier Cupwith ASD Academy in 2014, Euwin Stevens, a young footballer from Elsies River, says the...

Project aims to make yoga accessible

Earthchild Project spokesperson Carly Appleby says they understand the importance of yoga for children.

Programme for children

The programme, which is in its second year, also includes the family strengthening programme.

Looks like the fixed line is finished

Telkom’s offering a fixed line look alike (FLLA) - a wireless desktop wi-fi phone - as a result of “decommissioning ageing and legacy technology in some areas” and the switch to new wireless or fibre service.

Guest obsessed culture gets rewards

Manager of the Centre for Entrepreneurship at False Bay College, Steve Reid, talks start-ups and more.


The tour will feature Annalakshmi, Chris Forrest, Conrad Koch and Chester Missing, Farhan Esat, Mo Vawda, Ndumiso Lindi, Sifiso Nene, Simmi Areff and Tumi Morake.